Usage examples for BAAN

  1. Whod I wur baan to say, if you'll nobbud let me, wur this: As Jesus Christ wur a deal more particular who He leet in than who He kept aat. – Lancashire Idylls (1898) by Marshall Mather
  2. As Mr. Penrose towd 'em at Rehoboth t'other Sunday, it were luv' as saved th' world, and not wrath; and they say they are baan to bring him up at th' deacons' meeting abaat it. – Lancashire Idylls (1898) by Marshall Mather
  3. I'm baan along th' seam, an' it's fearfo dark! – Lancashire Idylls (1898) by Marshall Mather
  4. You see it's i' this way, sir, ' said Joseph; 'grave- diggin's hard wark, and if a felley doesn'd sing a bit o'er it he's like baan to curse, so I sings to stop swears. – Lancashire Idylls (1898) by Marshall Mather
  5. It's where we're baan to live as bothers me, ' said the hard- headed daughter- in- law. – Lancashire Idylls (1898) by Marshall Mather
  6. Hoo's noan baan to howd aat much longer. – Lancashire Idylls (1898) by Marshall Mather
  7. Milly's baan to- morn to th' infirmary to hev her leg tan off. – Lancashire Idylls (1898) by Marshall Mather
  8. But I'll tell yo' what- we're baan to be lat' for the service. – Lancashire Idylls (1898) by Marshall Mather
  9. Hoo's baan to sit wi' Dr. Hale. – Lancashire Idylls (1898) by Marshall Mather
  10. You would have seen that she was very pleasant to look at, this Koosje, very comely and clean, whether she happened to be very busy, or whether it had been Sunday, and, with her very best gown on, she was out for a promenade in the Baan, after duly going to service as regularly as the Sabbath dawned in the grand old Gothic choir of the cathedral. – Stories By English Authors: Germany by Various
  11. It was more pleasant to live in the professor's good house, to have delightful walks arm in arm with Jan under the trees in the Baan or round the Singels, parting under the stars with many a lingering word and promise to meet again. – Stories By English Authors: Germany by Various