Definitions of B-Toolkit

  1. A set of software tools designedto support a rigorous or formal development of softwaresystems using the B-Method.The Toolkit also provides a development environment automatingthe management of all associated files, ensuring that theentire development, including code and documentation, isalways in a consistent state.The Toolkit includes: a specification, design and codeconfiguration management system, including integrity anddependency management and source file editing facilities; aset of software specification and design analysis tools, whichincludes syntax checkers, type checkers and a specificationanimator; a set of verification tools, which includes aproof-obligation generator and automatic and interactiveprovers; a set of coding tools, which includes a translator,linker, rapid prototyping facilities and a reusablespecification/code module library; a documentation tool forautomatically producing fully cross-referenced and indexedtype-set documents from source files; a re-making tool forautomatically re-checking and re-generating specifications,designs, code and documentation after modifications to sourcefiles.A normal licence costs 25,000 pounds, academic 6,250 pounds.