Usage examples for authenticate

  1. Let it be accepted, then, that Blue Shirt was Tom's father, since history is silent on the point, and none is left to question or authenticate it. – Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield
  2. Such a notice, however, which could alone disprove the probability, and authenticate the vulgar opinion, is nowhere to be found amongst the archives of the Hotel de Ville, at least the author of the Nouvelles Recherches has nowhere been able to meet with it. – Lectures on the true, the beautiful and the good by Victor Cousin
  3. M. de Chalusse proposed to post it himself, so that the official stamp might authenticate its date. – Baron Trigault's Vengeance Volume 2 (of 2) by Emile Gaboriau
  4. That this is not a fanciful objection to a pictorial book like Vanity Fair, where the point of view is not accounted for, is proved, I think, by the different means that a novelist will adopt to authenticate his story- to dramatize the seeing eye, as I should prefer to put it. – The Craft of Fiction by Percy Lubbock
  5. The parallelism of Hebrew verse is already here, but the structure is more free and unartificial than that of later poetry; and many ancient words, and words of Egyptian derivation, authenticate its origin. – The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus by G. A. Chadwick
  6. They were both fully aware of the thing, she as well as he, but spoken words must authenticate its existence as only spoken words could. – The Roll-Call by Arnold Bennett
  7. You have, surely, all seen the pedigree of these children set forth in the morning papers; and, now that you have them before you, the living specimen of their beauty will fully authenticate anything therein set forth, the vender exclaims, affecting an appearance in keeping with his trade. – Our World, or, The Slaveholders Daughter by F. Colburn Adams
  8. Neither the author nor I can with certainty authenticate the information we communicate to the public, nor in an affair of eternal fluctuation arrive at perfect exactness. – The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. I. (of 12) by Edmund Burke
  9. The patriarch knew that he was following a divine command, and not his own purpose; but there seems to have been no appeal to sense to authenticate the inward voice. – Expositions of Holy Scripture Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers by Alexander Maclaren
  10. This act was drawn up July 9, 1274, at a time when the son of Orlando as well as the Brothers Minor desired to authenticate the donation, which until then had been verbal. – Life of St. Francis of Assisi by Paul Sabatier
  11. He was thinking how to authenticate the death without telling the boy overmuch about himself. – When Ghost Meets Ghost by William Frend De Morgan
  12. Grateful as we must be for Papias' efforts to authenticate evangelic tradition, since they are corroborated in their main results by all other ancient tradition as well as by critical study of the documents, it is noticeable how they stand in line with the tendencies of the age. – The Making of the New Testament by Benjamin W. Bacon
  13. Can you authenticate this Rumour? – A Christmas Garland by Max Beerbohm
  14. And if it were thus drawn into the book it would do double duty; it would authenticate and so enhance the picture; it would add a new and independent interest as well. – The Craft of Fiction by Percy Lubbock
  15. He is ready to authenticate any process by the signature of the English chief- justice, in a court which he holds by night, in a court which he holds in darkness and secrecy. – The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. XII. (of XII.) by Edmund Burke
  16. It is as certain as human evidence can authenticate that on the king's side all was grateful affection; and that on Buckingham's there was a most earnest desire to win the favours of parliament; and what are stronger than all human evidence, those unerring principles in human nature itself, which are the secret springs of the heart, were working in the breasts of the king and his minister; for neither were tyrannical. – Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 3 (of 3) by Isaac Disraeli