Usage examples for astral

  1. This description, which serves in fact as an introduction to his work on the Astral Regions, has never been published; it is among the oral traditions left by Swedenborg to the three disciples who were nearest to his heart. ” – Seraphita by Honore de Balzac
  2. Man has also colored the astral world with his own selfish and brutal thoughts, and produced an atmosphere of evil which he himself breathes. ” – The Best Psychic Stories by Various
  3. Or it might be we chimed on some Historic favourite's astral crest, With part to reverence in its gleam, And part to rivalry the shout: So royal, unuttered, is youth's dream Of power within to strike without. ” – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  4. The word Ruach in the following- which is Hebrew for Spirit- is here used in a kabalistic sense to denote the astral soul or ghost, as distinguished from the divine soul, the Psyche or Neshamah, and from the Nephesh or mere phantom. ” – The Story of Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland and of the new Gospel of Interpretation by Edward Maitland
  5. “ No special knowledge of the astral plane is necessary. ” – Elementary Theosophy by L. W. Rogers
  6. It is Edison's idea that spirits may inhabit some kind of infinitely rarefied astral body, and he proposes to manufacture an instrument which is sensitive to an impression many millions of times fainter than anything the human body can feel. ” – The Book of Life: Vol. I Mind and Body; Vol. II Love and Society by Upton Sinclair
  7. They have neither immortal souls nor tangible bodies; only astral forms, which partake, in a distinguishing degree, of the element to which they belong, and also of the ether. ” – The Best Psychic Stories by Various
  8. When he lies down at night he leaves his physical body to the rest which it requires, while he goes about his business in the far more comfortable astral vehicle. ” – Clairvoyance by Charles Webster Leadbeater
  9. The dog astral or ghost was apparently badly hurt- he could not rise. ” – Occultism and Common-Sense by Beckles Willson
  10. This inner world is called Astral by some people, and it is as good a word as any other, though it merely means starry; but the stars, as Locke pointed out, are luminous bodies which give light of themselves. ” – Light On The Path and Through the Gates of Gold by Mabel Collins
  11. Perhaps she has an astral head-" " I don't believe a word of it! ” – The Shadow World by Hamlin Garland
  12. But none came, and I assented most willingly to a sub- astral promenade. ” – A Bicycle of Cathay by Frank R. Stockton
  13. They have no material body, as they have left it behind; but otherwise they remain with all their principles even in astral life in our sphere. ” – Death--and After? by Annie Besant
  14. The astral beings also smell, taste, and touch light. ” – Autobiography of a YOGI by Paramhansa Yogananda
  15. Now, if we have an astral body which accompanies our Ego in the next world, and if that astral body consists of a fluid similar to what we suppose ether to be, or identical with that ether, this fluid must be matter in some form, though matter obviously subject to quite other laws than those of our world of palpable substance. ” – Mrs. Piper & the Society for Psychical Research by Michael Sage
  16. “ A soft astral lamp threw its mellow rays about the room. ” – The Allen House or Twenty Years Ago and Now by T. S. Arthur
  17. We're trying to persuade an astral visitor to pay us a call, and it takes team- work. ” – The Gloved Hand by Burton E. Stevenson
  18. We have not yet mastered the conditions of the astral camera. ” – Real Ghost Stories by William T. Stead
  19. The astral soul must learn to do and dare. ” – The-Light-of-Egypt-or-the-science-of-the-soul-and-the-stars-Volume-2 by Burgoyne, Thomas H.
  20. “ Gurudeva, are all astral persons beautiful? ” – Autobiography of a YOGI by Paramhansa Yogananda