Definitions of assure

  1. be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something; " He verified that the valves were closed"; " See that the curtains are closed"; " control the quality of the product"
  2. assure somebody of the truth of something with the intention of giving the listener confidence; " I assured him that traveling to Cambodia was safe"
  3. make a promise or commitment
  4. make certain of; " This nest egg will ensure a nice retirement for us"; " Preparation will guarantee success!"
  5. inform positively and with certainty and confidence; " I tell you that man is a crook!"
  6. cause to feel sure; give reassurance to; " The airline tried to reassure the customers that the planes were safe"
  7. To make sure or certain; to render confident by a promise, declaration, or other evidence.
  8. To declare to, solemnly; to assert to ( any one) with the design of inspiring belief or confidence.
  9. To confirm; to make certain or secure.
  10. To affiance; to betroth.
  11. To insure; to covenant to indemnify for loss, or to pay a specified sum at death. See Insure.
  12. To make sure; to inspire confidence in by promise; to secure to anoth; to free from uncertainty; to insure, as against loss by fire.
  13. To make sure or secure: to give confidence: to tell positively: to insure.
  14. To make sure; give confidence; insure.
  15. To offer assurances to.
  16. To give confidence to; convince.
  17. To insure.
  18. To make certain; to give confidence by a promise, declaration, or other evidence; to protest with assurance; to make confident; to insure. See Sure.
  19. To make certain; to give confidence by a promise; to insure.

Usage examples for assure

  1. " I assure you that Harry out there, and I here, have had all that we have been able to attend to during the last three months. – Janet's Love and Service by Margaret M Robertson
  2. I'M not afraid of her, I assure you; you must already have seen for yourself that there's nothing I'm afraid of now. – What Maisie Knew by Henry James
  3. She had no right to assure herself that he was her lover. – The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope
  4. I assure you there have! – The Awkward Age by Henry James
  5. I assure you I didn't plan this, but it's very kind of you. – Red Fleece by Will Levington Comfort
  6. But he wanted to assure her that everything was being done that could be done. – Jean of the Lazy A by B. M. Bower
  7. I have done it, and I assure you that is nothing wonderful. – Marie Antoinette And Her Son by Louise Muhlbach Official
  8. I can stand it, I assure you. – An Artist in Crime by Rodrigues Ottolengui
  9. " Not a moment to loso, I assure you. – Hyperion by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  10. But I assure you I will keep you in mind; I won't lose sight of you! – Washington Square by Henry James
  11. " Nothing, I assure you! – Thelma by Marie Corelli
  12. " It has been a real pleasure, I assure you," I protested. – The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill by Winston Churchill
  13. " Mr Green is a great man in his own circle, I can assure you," said Mr Ruthven. – Janet's Love and Service by Margaret M Robertson
  14. I assure you I haven't sat down since I left." – The Rebel of the School by Mrs. L. T. Meade
  15. " I assure you, I understand it nearly as little," replied William. – Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles by Mrs. Henry Wood
  16. I assure you that I feel particularly well this morning. – A Fluttered Dovecote by George Manville Fenn
  17. Whatever her reason, I determined to assure her, once and forever, what I knew to be true. – The Rustlers of Pecos County by Zane Grey
  18. But I'll do it if you assure me that there is some special reason why neither of those two shall be told. – The Honour of the Clintons by Archibald Marshall
  19. I have tried Mr. Copley on that subject, I assure you. – The End of a Coil by Susan Warner
  20. I assure you that you are in no way to blame. – The Bars of Iron by Ethel May Dell