Usage examples for assess

  1. The individual alone must assess its character, consult his conscience, prayerfully consider all its aspects, manfully struggle against the natural inertia that weighs him down in his effort to arise, shed, heroically and irrevocably, the trivial and superfluous attachments which hold him back, empty himself of every thought that may tend to obstruct his path, mix, in obedience to the counsels of the Author of His Faith, and in imitation of the One Who is its true Exemplar, with men and women, in all walks of life, seek to touch their hearts, through the distinction which characterizes his thoughts, his words and his acts, and win them over tactfully, lovingly, prayerfully and persistently, to the Faith he himself has espoused. – Citadel of Faith by Shoghi Effendi
  2. Each man then admiring the beauty and courage of his opponent, refrained from battle, and first Peirithous holding out his hand bade Theseus himself assess the damages of his raid upon the cattle, saying that he himself would willingly submit to whatever penalty the other might inflict. – Plutarch's Lives, Volume I (of 4) by Plutarch
  3. I think I can assess him rightly, for I know something of the soul of the East, but it would be too long a story to tell now. – Greenmantle by John Buchan
  4. Supervisors meet and assess road labor, and sign road tax warrants. – Studies in Civics by James T. McCleary
  5. Drew jumped after him, trying to assess the situation even as his hand closed restrainingly on the Texan's shoulder. – Rebel Spurs by Andre Norton
  6. Nobody cares how or what we suffer until afterward, when there will be polite expressions of regret, which the survivors will assess at a true valuation! – Jimgrim and Allah's Peace by Talbot Mundy
  7. This committee reported that- there has not been any injustice done to the proprietaries, or attempts made to rate or assess any part of their estates higher than the estates of the like kind belonging to the inhabitants are rated and assessed; but, on the contrary, ... – Benjamin Franklin by John Torrey Morse, Jr.
  8. Second, the time has come to assess and reform all of our institutions of government at the Federal, State, and local level. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  9. The services of the Irish Catholics to the cause of the Union are not easy to assess; but Castlereagh, a cool judge, rated them high. – William Pitt and the Great War by John Holland Rose
  10. It is too soon to assess them; and we who stand in the midst of them and are part of them are less qualified than men of another generation will be to say what they mean or even what they have been. – Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights by Kelly Miller
  11. After all, they will do no more than assess a fine against us. – The Prince of Graustark by George Barr McCutcheon
  12. It is not now possible to assess the consequences of this great consummation. – America's War for Humanity by Thomas Herbert Russell
  13. He had forgotten nothing, it was rather that all his old arrangement of values had been swept aside, leaving him free to assess things anew. – Beggars on Horseback by F. Tennyson Jesse
  14. Perhaps some statistical satirist of the twentieth century will assess the economy of the process which requires nearly twelve millions of soldiers for the maintenance of peace in the most enlightened quarter of the globe. – The Development of the European Nations, 1870-1914 (5th ed.) by John Holland Rose
  15. Of course, when he spoke any intelligent Spaniard could have detected faults in phrase or pronunciation, but he had a ready resource in the patois of San Juan, and no man on board was competent to assess him accurately by both standards. – His Unknown Wife by Louis Tracy
  16. In critical subjects, at the fourth, eighth, and 12th grades, we must assess our students' performance. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  17. But to assess a new tax upon the merchants, artisans, laborers, and country people will never do. – Henry IV, Makers of History by John S. C. Abbott
  18. We have refined our abilities to assess, diagnose, treat, and evaluate. – Humanistic-Nursing by Paterson, Josephine G.