Usage examples for architecture

  1. But apart from its architecture the church is full of interest. – England of My Heart--Spring by Edward Hutton
  2. Here is a chance for architecture to extend, while with us it has only a chance to tower, on the short up- town block which is the extreme dimension of our proudest edifice, public or private. – London Films by W.D. Howells
  3. What, then, of music and architecture – The Psychology of Beauty by Ethel D. Puffer
  4. He didn't know a damned thing about architecture or construction, of course. – Rats in the Belfry by John York Cabot
  5. I can't say that I can suggest anything for the moment, but I thought it was for the sake of the architecture which I frankly confess I don't in the least admire, that you lived here. – A Mere Accident by George Moore
  6. He is, more so than Piranesi, the Rembrandt of architecture – Promenades of an Impressionist by James Huneker
  7. The genius of a race works from below upward, as the seed sends its shoot out of the hidden place where it is buried; and when it becomes luminous in books, painting, and architecture it grows also in out- of- the- way places and in things of humble use. – Essays On Work And Culture by Hamilton Wright Mabie
  8. There was a look of fear, of painful constraint, in Jane Oglander's face; and as she came forward she kept the book she had been holding, a manual on practical cottage architecture in her hand, open. – Jane Oglander by Marie Belloc Lowndes
  9. Or, following the direction of the outstretched arm of St. Mark, we are led by the lines of the architecture to this group straight away, and back again by means of the group on the right and the band of light on the ground. – The Practice and Science Of Drawing by Harold Speed
  10. I am inclined to think that there is such a thing as architecture run to seed. – The Coming of the Friars by Augustus Jessopp
  11. And now we come to the most beautiful piece of architecture in the place- the magnificent old church. – A Cotswold Village by J. Arthur Gibbs
  12. Good books, good pictures, good music, good architecture should be among your avocations. – Letters from a Father to His Son Entering College by Charles Franklin Thwing
  13. " I'm arguin' architecture he said doggedly. – The Law-Breakers by Ridgwell Cullum
  14. Its architecture was remarkable. – The Hampstead Mystery by John R. Watson
  15. Built in the early days, it stood with the little church, a gem of Gothic architecture within spacious grounds bought when land was cheap. – To Him That Hath A Novel Of The West Of Today by Ralph Connor
  16. I understand architecture is a very difficult profession. – The House of Toys by Henry Russell Miller
  17. Such a vivid reflection of the country, its people, its architecture and its religion, that we become unconscious of the printed page, for we see and feel that mystery of the world- India. – Telepathy and the Subliminal Self by R. Osgood Mason
  18. One most charming example of sixteenth century architecture is Ford's Hospital, a home for forty aged women. – John and Betty's History Visit by Margaret Williamson
  19. A lecture on Filbertine architecture – The Cruise of the Kawa by Walter E. Traprock [Pseudonym of George S. Chappell]
  20. And thus much I would, by all means, have you know of both civil and military architecture – Letters to His Son, 1749 by The Earl of Chesterfield