Definitions of antiseptic

  1. a substance that destroys micro- organisms that carry disease without harming body tissues
  2. A substance which prevents or retards putrefaction, or destroys, or protects from, putrefactive organisms; as, salt, carbolic acid, alcohol, cinchona.
  3. Any substance which destroys disease germs or prevents their growth.
  4. Antiseptic.
  5. Any substance used to resist or counteract putrefaction.
  6. A substance that prevents putrefaction.
  7. ( extended sense) of exceptionally clean language; " lyrics as antiseptic as Sunday School"
  8. clean and honest; " antiseptic financial practices"
  9. thoroughly clean and free of or destructive to disease- causing organisms; " doctors in antiseptic green coats"; " the antiseptic effect of alcohol"; " it is said that marjoram has antiseptic qualities"
  10. made free from live bacteria or other microorganisms; " sterilized instruments"
  11. Alt. of Antiseptical
  12. Destroying the germs of disease or decay.
  13. Preventing putrefaction, etc. antiseptical.
  14. Resisting putrefaction.
  15. Opposing putrefaction.
  16. A substance which destroys harmful micro- organisms, one of the functions of gastric juice.