Definitions of anchorage

  1. the act of anchoring
  2. place for vessels to anchor
  3. a city in south central Alaska; " Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska"
  4. The act of anchoring, or the condition of lying at anchor.
  5. A place suitable for anchoring or where ships anchor; a hold for an anchor.
  6. The set of anchors belonging to a ship.
  7. Something which holds like an anchor; a hold; as, the anchorages of the Brooklyn Bridge.
  8. Something on which one may depend for security; ground of trust.
  9. A toll for anchoring; anchorage duties.
  10. A suitable or customary place for the securing of vessels to the ground under water; the hold attained by an anchor; harbor- dues for mooring vessels in a port.
  11. Ground for anchoring: duty imposed on ships for anchoring.
  12. D., ground for anchoring in.
  13. A coming to or lying at anchor.
  14. Ground for anchoring; the hold of a ship at anchor; duty imposed on ships for anchoring in a harbour.
  15. A place where a ship can anchor.