Usage examples for amicable

  1. The governor sent amicable messages to Columbus, and announced his intention of visiting him. – The Life of Columbus by Arthur Helps
  2. Teuxical regarded the latter with a countenance that was calm and amicable. – Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930 by Various
  3. The higher commanders, however, bore themselves well, and in a few fortunate cases Southern whites were on most amicable terms with the garrison commanders. – The Sequel of Appomattox A Chronicle of the Reunion of the States, Volume 32 In The Chronicles Of America Series by Walter Lynwood Fleming
  4. This sharing of tobacco seemed to establish almost an amicable Free Masonry between them and the Jannati Shahr men. – The Flying Legion by George Allan England
  5. The Apostles themselves appear to entertain no very amicable feelings towards the Secretary of State. – The Roman Question by Edmond About
  6. However, during several months following, the negotiations between the Czar and Napoleon continued; and more than once there appeared considerable likelihood of their finding an amicable termination. – The History of Napoleon Buonaparte by John Gibson Lockhart
  7. Generally speaking, the creditor is a species of maniac, ready to agree to anything one day, on the next breathing fire and slaughter; later on, he grows amicable and easy- going. – Eugenie Grandet by Honore de Balzac
  8. I arranged matters thus intentionally, for I thought that it would be the best guarantee of the continuance of amicable relations all round. – The Song of Songs by Hermann Sudermann
  9. The boy sergeants and their strange guests reached the camp- fire, and the hand- shaking and exchange of amicable civilities went on for some time. – Captured by the Navajos by Charles A. Curtis
  10. Either of which range the sexes on opposite sides; thus precluding amicable co- operation. – Feminism and Sex-Extinction by Arabella Kenealy
  11. We were always on the most amicable terms. – The Grell Mystery by Frank Froest
  12. Paoli had held two different amicable conferences with M. de Marboeuf their commander in chief, and was so well with him, that he gave me a letter of recommendation to him. – Boswell's Correspondence with the Honourable Andrew Erskine, and His Journal of a Tour to Corsica by James Boswell
  13. A sudden and tremendous blow on the gong announced to the alarmed females, who had ventured from their secret place, under the present amicable appearances between the two ships, not only his presence, but his humour. – The Red Rover by James Fenimore Cooper
  14. A note in one of the Althorp Caxtons records a more amicable arrangement. – The Great Book-Collectors by Charles Isaac Elton and Mary Augusta Elton
  15. The business was, yes, of the nature of a dispute, but Mr. Taynton regarded it as certain that some amicable arrangement would have been come to, had the interview taken place. – The Blotting Book by E. F. Benson
  16. There had been a half- amicable contest, a sort of round with the gloves, in which these two crafty men appeared rather like great moralists than cunning lawyers. – The Bramleighs Of Bishop's Folly by Charles James Lever
  17. It is always pleasant to find that amicable relations have been preserved after a long and somewhat complicated business connexion. – Don Orsino by F. Marion Crawford
  18. Very many years had passed since he had seen Mr. Newton,- so many that the two men would not have known each other had they met; but there had been an occasional correspondence between them, and they were presumed to be on amicable terms with each other. – Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope
  19. Though divorces are almost impossible to obtain, it does not follow that all wives remain with their husbands; on the contrary, nothing is more common than amicable arrangements between married people to wink at each other's peccadilloes; such conventions excite no scandal, and do not exclude the wife from society. – Travels in the Steppes of the Caspian Sea, the Crimea, the Caucasus, &c. by Xavier Hommaire de Hell
  20. It was, however, declined in an amicable manner. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various