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details, trivia.

Quotes of alphabet

  1. I've always thought of the T -shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet – Giorgio Armani
  2. What that book does for me is give me the tools in the same way that I had the tools when I learned the regular scales or the alphabet If you give me the tools, the syntax, and the grammar, it still doesn't tell me how to write Ulysses. – David Baker
  3. I like all things grammatical, and I had already written several books about parts of speech, and even the alphabet so everything that makes up a sentence and even a word was covered except for punctuation. – Brian P. Cleary
  4. I like Fisher Price music, nursery rhymes, and the alphabet song. – Tre Cool
  5. No matter how thoroughly a person may have learned the Greek alphabet he will never be in a condition to repeat it backwards without further training. – Hermann Ebbinghaus
  6. Out of the simple consonants of the alphabet and our eleven vowels and diphthongs all possible syllables of a certain sort were constructed, a vowel sound being placed between two consonants. – Hermann Ebbinghaus
  7. All the learnin' my father paid for was a bit o' birch at one end and an alphabet at the other. – George Eliot
  8. When I think of the library of Alexandria and of the fact that, although it burnt down, people continue to sort the letters of the alphabet according to that tradition, then that makes certain expressions of modernity, even of interventions on the textual level, possible. – Alexander Kluge
  9. Covetousness is both the beginning and the end of the devil's alphabet the first vice in corrupt nature that moves, and the last which dies. – Michel de Montaigne
  10. Eventually I found it had been working all along -but didn't show anything on screen until it had the first full page of text. I inserted 30 new lines, and suddenly my toy said 'hEllO woRlD'. An hour later I understood alphabet shifting rather better! – Graham Nelson
  11. Writers spend three years rearranging 26 letters of the alphabet It's enough to make you lose your mind day by day. – Richard Price
  12. Our musical alphabet is poor and illogical. – Edgard Varese
  13. When I was having that alphabet soup, I never thought that it would pay off. – Vanna White

Usage examples for alphabet

  1. Wonder was one of those little girls that seem to know all the meanings of life, while yet struggling with the alphabet of its unimportant words. – The Worshipper of the Image by Richard Le Gallienne
  2. But I have one about what is the sleepiest letter of the alphabet – Six Little Bunkers at Cousin Tom's by Laura Lee Hope
  3. So far little had come of X- ray work, but it added another letter to the scientific alphabet – Edison, His Life and Inventions by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
  4. It's as plain as the alphabet – Sight Unseen by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  5. He never went to school, but was literally self- taught, learning even the alphabet without a teacher. – Sketches of Reforms and Reformers, of Great Britain and Ireland by Henry B. Stanton
  6. He had reduced the alphabet to eleven primitive sounds, and tried to teach me his method, but I could not understand. – The Phantom 'Rickshaw and Other Ghost Stories by Rudyard Kipling
  7. Tommy wanted to know what that meant, and Robert told him that " jot" wuz the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet and " tittle" meant the little horn- shaped mark over some of the letters. – Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife by Marietta Holley
  8. You shall finde verie fewe in this kingdome but can both write and reade, yet haue they not the alphabet of letters as we haue, but all that they doe write is by figures, and they are long in learning of it, and with great difficultie, for that almost every word hath his character. –  by
  9. Behind the mists of ruin and rapine waved the calico dresses of women who dared, and after the hoarse mouthings of the field guns rang the rhythm of the alphabet – The Souls of Black Folk by W. E. B. Du Bois
  10. At once his curiosity was excited, and, jumping up, he hurried off for pen and ink, and got me to write out the whole alphabet for him; and then, with that glee and vivacity for which his lordship was so noted, he constituted me his teacher, and commenced at once to master them. – By Canoe and Dog-Train by Egerton Ryerson Young
  11. She learnt the system by which the thousands of volumes were arranged on the shelves, and as she knew her alphabet she would have mastered it in five minutes, and been able to fetch any of the popular books from their places, if Frau Asmussen had followed her own system, instead of placing the books anyhow and so courting confusion and muddle. – The Song of Songs by Hermann Sudermann
  12. You speak as if I were learning the alphabet – Washington Square by Henry James
  13. The alphabet of form- study will thus be taught in several of the studies. – What the Schools Teach and Might Teach by John Franklin Bobbitt
  14. From an old alphabet belonging to Miss Clara L. –  by
  15. My first is the first of all- is not A the first letter in the alphabet – Nancy A Novel by Rhoda Broughton
  16. Some letters of our alphabet he omitted, only to add new ones. – Inventors by Philip Gengembre Hubert
  17. Letters of the Alphabet not yet noticed. – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown
  18. The notes were my father's, and in English, which was of some assistance, and I set myself resolutely to learn the alphabet – Mrs. Overtheway's Remembrances by Juliana Horatia Ewing
  19. It must be remembered that some of the letters of our alphabet are inventions of the later nations. – The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly
  20. There are twenty- six letters in the English alphabet – The Mayor's Wife by Anna Katherine Green

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