Usage examples for almost

  1. Almost more than I can think of!" – Tess of the d'Urbervilles A Pure Woman by Thomas Hardy
  2. Then we can do almost anything we please- live any place you like." – One Woman's Life by Robert Herrick
  3. They are quite good, almost always. – The Wide Awake Girls in Winsted by Katharine Ellis Barrett
  4. " I expect my father almost any moment," she said. – True and Other Stories by George Parsons Lathrop
  5. It was almost time. – Anything You Can Do by Gordon Randall Garrett
  6. " Oh, it would be almost too good to be true," says she. – The House of Torchy by Sewell Ford
  7. I am almost afraid! – Innocent Her Fancy and His Fact by Marie Corelli
  8. " Yes, yes, I know," he almost seemed to be saying. – Under the Skylights by Henry Blake Fuller
  9. Almost lost my life. – Undo-a-Novel-By-Joe-Hutsko by Hutsko, Joe
  10. I notice it almost every morning. – The Hole in the Wall by Arthur Morrison
  11. It's almost a matter of life and death. – The Last Woman by Ross Beeckman
  12. But you have a way of getting on without it that is almost as good. – Outpost by J.G. Austin
  13. But I'm almost right again now. – The Window-Gazer by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
  14. I decided upon it almost a week ago. – The Belovéd Traitor by Frank L. Packard
  15. I am alive and almost well. – Letters of Anton Chekhov by Anton Chekhov Translated by Constance Garnett
  16. We used to go to see her almost every day. – Deephaven and Selected Stories & Sketches by Sarah Orne Jewett
  17. I hope you may live till I am almost an old woman, papa. – The Lovels of Arden by M. E. Braddon
  18. " I almost made you say it, didn't I? – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  19. Pretty soon we were back almost to where we had started from. – Roy Blakeley's Camp on Wheels by Percy Keese Fitzhugh