Definitions of Allowing

  1. of Allow

Quotes of Allowing

  1. I think in a sense this is a house that was built on a bad foundation. And the foundation was the Americans coming here and allowing the sacking, burning and plunder of Baghdad, for whatever reason. – Jon Lee Anderson
  2. My earliest poems sing of the absolute necessity of allowing love to invade and pervade one's life. That can make the miracle happen in reality. Try it. – James Broughton
  3. Just because an individual in his 30s hasn't found true love and, yes, there are opportunities to date but it also forces you to be more particular. In so many ways, you become more adamant about finding that right person and not allowing yourself to open up to just anybody. – Jeff Garcia
  4. You know, I think that allowing somebody, one mere person to believe that he or she is like, the vessel you know, like the font and the essence and the source of all divine, creative, unknowable, eternal mystery is just a smidge too much responsibility to put on one fragile, human psyche. It's like asking somebody to swallow the sun. – Elizabeth Gilbert
  5. So, without being cold, you really have to try to retain the capacity to help people without becoming too emotional or allowing your own emotions to have full rein. – Guy Green
  6. I defend the right of almost everything to be published... because I think that you're better off in trusting the marketplace than allowing other people to make that decision. – Christie Hefner
  7. We all want to thank Emmitt for allowing us to enjoy every yard. – Michael Irvin
  8. You never find friends them following your advice upon their own affairs; nor allowing you to manage your own. – Willis Lamb
  9. Thank you for allowing me to use colors as rich and deep as you please. I had always wanted to do so, yet was never allowed because of the color capabilities of our lithographers. Now that I have done it, I don't think I'll ever go back. – Maxfield Parrish
  10. What's sad is that there is an addictive quality to that, to believing your own hype; to allowing yourself to become validated by others and no longer by yourself. That's the danger of celebrity. – Giovanni Ribisi
  11. Put two or three men in positions of conflicting authority. This will force them to work at loggerheads, allowing you to be the ultimate arbiter. – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  12. Trotsky rises to give me his hand, then sits at his desk, gently allowing his regard to light on my person. – Georges Simenon
  13. I've really written my books for my husband and our family. They've brought us closer together by allowing us to discuss things that were unspoken for so long. – Pamela Stephenson
  14. I do not admire politicians; but when they are excellent in their way, one cannot help allowing them their due. – Horace Walpole

Usage examples for Allowing

  1. After all, a wedding was a wedding, and therefore a matter well worth a man's allowing himself to get a bit excited. – The Everlasting Whisper by Jackson Gregory
  2. Madam, I- can't think of allowing you. – Peg Woffington by Charles Reade
  3. For want of sufficient courage and energy he was not only losing three thousand pounds, which he would have received on arriving in England, but allowing a number of other people to lose the hard- won wealth which might have been theirs. – Hurricane Hurry by W.H.G. Kingston
  4. This young girl utterly ignored so far as was possible the fact of Ester's illness, never allowing it to be admitted in her presence that there were any fears as to the result. – Ester Ried by Pansy (aka. Isabella M. Alden)
  5. She felt sure he would blame her for allowing it. – Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  6. Allowing then, for the journey and the halt at Florence, he probably reached Rome in the last week of that month. – The Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti by John Addington Symonds
  7. " I thank you, monsieur," answered the Englishman, without allowing himself to show that he perceived this. – The Blue Pavilions by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  8. The Church of Rome doth not only dislike the allowing liberty, but by its principles it cannot do it. – Political Pamphlets by George Saintsbury
  9. Would you oblige me by allowing these to lie here till I come for them? – The Marquis of Lossie by George MacDonald
  10. He would bring their strength into his strength, instead of allowing it to become a strength outside his own. – Rulers of India: Akbar by George Bruce Malleson
  11. But if on a long trip- as, a summer outing- and she is escorted by a man, she should insist on paying her own fare and all expenses, allowing him, however, to pay the expenses of slight entertainment- as, fruit, magazines, etc. – The Book of Good Manners by W. C. Green
  12. Arni sat down on the rock, with the fox on his knees, and started singing to pass the time, allowing his good cheer to ring out as far as his voice would carry: My fine Sunday cap has been carried away By a furious gale; And I'll wear it no more to the chapel to pray In the wind and the hail. – Seven Icelandic Short Stories by Various
  13. Seems to me you are allowing your imagination to run away with you, young man. – Every Man for Himself by Hopkins Moorhouse
  14. This plan is like that of teaching a child how to walk by means of holding its hand, allowing it to rest on chairs, etc. – Genuine Mediumship or The Invisible Powers by Bhakta Vishita
  15. I'm not sure the company didn't make a mistake in allowing you such a generous compensation for your accident." – The Law of Hemlock Mountain by Hugh Lundsford
  16. She was much too good for them, he thought,- she wronged herself by being in their company, or allowing them to be in hers! – God's Good Man by Marie Corelli
  17. When the service ended he rose, and allowing the Hindu to pass out before him, caught him up at the west door. – The Outcaste by F. E. Penny
  18. No doubt lights were burning within, but if so the shades must have been drawn closely, allowing no reflection to escape. – The Case and The Girl by Randall Parrish
  19. Aren't you allowing this woman to bluff you, Humphrey? – The Honour of the Clintons by Archibald Marshall