Usage examples for ago

  1. I tried once, long ago. – Jim Davis by John Masefield
  2. It was a matter of two hours ago. – A People's Man by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  3. They married over a year ago. – Virgin Soil by Ivan S. Turgenev
  4. He was perfectly well a moment ago. – The Motor Maids by Rose, Shamrock and Thistle by Katherine Stokes
  5. I was the first that heard that little voice, ten years ago, and the first, except mother, that saw the child; 'twould be strange if I were the one to send him away. – The Green Satin Gown by Laura E. Richards
  6. When I saw him two or three days ago, he did not even know where you were. – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner
  7. She went away an hour ago. – The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story by Various
  8. But that's a good many years ago. – The Honour of the Clintons by Archibald Marshall
  9. It was given me long ago. – The End of a Coil by Susan Warner
  10. He had thought he loved her an hour ago! – Miss McDonald by Mary J. Holmes
  11. I came here two years ago. – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  12. " A fortnight ago," replied Barnes. – Green Fancy by George Barr McCutcheon
  13. She wouldn't have me when I first asked her- that was a week ago. – The Nether World by George Gissing
  14. Why didn't we come here long ago? – The Master Mummer by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  15. As long ago as that it came. – A Prisoner in Fairyland by Algernon Blackwood
  16. Fool that I was six years ago! – Rienzi by Edward Bulwer Lytton
  17. I had it for another part some time ago. – Happy-Thought Hall by F. C. Burnand
  18. He went out, quite a while ago. – The Uphill Climb by B. M. Bower
  19. Florence had not left the house so long ago as that. – A Sweet Little Maid by Amy E. Blanchard
  20. But you thought him better some time ago? – The Perpetual Curate by Mrs [Margaret] Oliphant