Definitions of add

  1. constitute an addition; " This paper will add to her reputation"
  2. a condition ( mostly in boys) characterized by behavioral and learning disorders
  3. make an addition ( to); join with others; increase by another or several; " We added two students to that dorm room"; " She added a personal note to her letter"; " Add insult to injury"
  4. make an addition by combining numbers; " Add 27 and 49, please!"
  5. determine the sum of; " Add all the people in this town to those of the neighboring town"
  6. state or say further; "` It doesn't matter, ' he supplied"
  7. of a quality, as in; " Her presence lends a certain cachet to the company"; " The music added a lot to the play"; " She brings a special atmosphere to our meetings"; " This adds a light note to the program"
  8. make an addition ( to); join or combine or unite with others; increase the quality, quantity, zise or scope of; " We added two students to that dorm room"; " She added a personal note to her letter"; " Add insult to injury".
  9. To give by way of increased possession ( to any one); to bestow ( on).
  10. To append, as a statement; to say further.
  11. To make an addition. To add to, to augment; to increase; as, it adds to our anxiety.
  12. To perform the arithmetical operation of addition; as, he adds rapidly.
  13. To join; unite; sum up; increase; affix; to go on to say.
  14. To put ( one thing) to ( another): to sum up: with to, to increase.
  15. To put together; to increase; to sum up.
  16. To join or unite, so as to increase; find the sum of.
  17. To make or be an addition; perform addition.
  18. To join on; to sum up; to increase; to subjoin.
  19. To put together; to join; to unite.

Usage examples for add

  1. What a chance to add to the sum of human joy! – Modern marriage and how to bear it by Maud Churton Braby
  2. And you will probably add, " I know there has; I am quite sure of it!" – Autobiography and Selected Essays by Thomas Henry Huxley
  3. Slowly add the hot milk. – School and Home Cooking by Carlotta C. Greer
  4. He seemed about to add something further, but changed his mind. – Winding Paths by Gertrude Page
  5. " Good," said D'Acres, " and allow me to add that I have entered your rooms for the last time." – Julian Home by Dean Frederic W. Farrar
  6. It will only remain for us to add Hohenberg's name to the list, and you yourself, my Lizzie, shall urge Captain Ulrich to restore to you the old baron and your friend Elza. – Andreas Hofer by Lousia Muhlbach
  7. They were even kind enough to add to that a job for me. – The Harbor by Ernest Poole
  8. " We are very grateful, Mr. Bagby," Janice thought it was necessary to add, with not a little surprise in her voice. – Janice Meredith by Paul Leicester Ford
  9. He did not add of what. – The Sea-Hawk by Raphael Sabatini
  10. If anything could add to Rachel's delight it was this last proposition. – The Clever Woman of the Family by Charlotte M. Yonge
  11. This would add to his apparent age, and might have deceived Bernaldez. – The Life of Columbus by Arthur Helps
  12. To what has thus been said as to the principles of arrangement it cannot be necessary to add very much as to the principles of criticism. – A History of Nineteenth Century Literature (1780-1895) by George Saintsbury
  13. " She might think a thousand things," Carton said, " and any of them would only add to her trouble. – A Tale of Two Cities A Story of the French Revolution by Charles Dickens
  14. When he has done that, let him add an even number to it, which you must give him. – My Book of Indoor Games by Clarence Squareman
  15. I have but little more to add, and then I shall be only too pleased to hear anything you may have to say in your defence. – The Hero of Garside School by J. Harwood Panting
  16. Who was to blame- before she could add, in her mind, " Elizabeth or Blair?" – The Iron Woman by Margaret Deland
  17. Rather unpleasant dealings, I might add. – The Clock Strikes Thirteen by Mildred A. Wirt
  18. May I add that- Wait! – Possessed by Cleveland Moffett
  19. I kiss you; you shall have wealth now to add to our happiness, everything else we had before. – Eve and David by Honore de Balzac
  20. My grandmother did not leave her room that evening, and we were told that she was ill; while it is scarcely necessary to add that Fred never again interfered with any of Venus' cookeries. – A Grandmother's Recollections by Ella Rodman