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Quotes of Activities

  1. So, these political activities will create friction in and of themselves, and in this environment of friction there'll be additional violence. – John Abizaid
  2. We need a sense of the value of time- that is, of the best way to divide one's time into one's various activities – Arnold Bennett
  3. But always I was a private citizen whose activities in government or political party were appointive. – Jane Byrne
  4. The Eleanor Roosevelt Award that I received for women's rights activities is one I treasure. – Patty Duke
  5. On the other hand I have seen several, several top targets for these investigations of these terrorist activities that were allowed to leave the country- I'm not talking about weeks, I'm talking about months after 9/11. – Sibel Edmonds
  6. I enjoy listening to classical music and heavy metal. I play basketball and try to go diving at least once a year. I don't really have hobbies in the traditional sense... I engage in too many activities already through the actions of my characters. – Alan Dean Foster
  7. In fact, the recent increase in intra -firm trading enables businesses to shift their activities across borders smoothly, thereby strengthening the response of economic activity to exchange rate movements in the long run. – Toshihiko Fukui
  8. I was given a White House- well, you will have to ask the White House that. But I asked to attend the White House briefing because I was, you know, because I wanted to report on the activities there. – Jeff Gannon
  9. We need to have a strong defense focused on areas that are in the greatest vulnerability. I have been very concerned about America's 361 seaports as a point in which terrorist activities and materials could be brought into the country. – Bob Graham
  10. During the Fifties, political and military activities in Vietnam were heavily influenced by the French, who as recent colonial masters, made all -important decisions. – Nguyen Cao Ky
  11. After 16 months of teaching, consulting, fellowship, and special project activities on matters ranging from conservation to healthcare to international trade, Gov. Ventura appointed me to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. – David Minge
  12. Of all human activities man's listening to God is the supreme act of his reasoning and will. – Pope Paul VI
  13. Unless we provide consequences for activities and actions that are wrong, we are not going to get any truth. – Dana Rohrabacher
  14. As time went on, I did campaign to lighten the character a little bit, to introduce some romance into the episodes, outside activities horse riding and fencing and mountaineering. – Patrick Stewart
  15. Since other countries and terrorist organizations are working to secure information that could threaten national security, more funding is provided in the bill to increase counter -intelligence activities – Roger Wicker

Usage examples for Activities

  1. The activities created by a profession or determined pursuit are necessary to the growth of the mind. – The Short Works of George Meredith by George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009
  2. In the following years, we hear little of the hunting activities of the Shoshone. – Shoshone-Bannock Subsistence and Society by Robert F. Murphy Yolanda Murphy
  3. Activities talk for them. – Gargoyles by Ben Hecht
  4. In 1853 the Industrial Union published a report of its activities showing that in two years the business had paid away in wages to tailoresses more than four thousand dollars. – The Trade Union Woman by Alice Henry
  5. Incidentally to the varied activities and accidents of my life, I have been brought into contact with many interesting men, and into relation with many interesting events. – Recollections of a Varied Life by George Cary Eggleston
  6. No wonder the men grew impatient and longed for the activities of the front even though their ears were ever filled with tales of horror from the lips of those who had survived the ordeal of battle. – The Flag by Homer Greene
  7. Both old and young are attracted by activities of all kinds; the " white way" in every city is a constant bid for numbers. – Rural Life and the Rural School by Joseph Kennedy
  8. A principle found, by careful analysis, to be governing as to human activities of any nature, is also applicable to the problems of war. – Sound Military Decision by U.s. Naval War College
  9. A formidable array of men was there; business and professional men, leaders in the city's activities – The Lash by Olin L. Lyman
  10. He had his place in the male activities of the town; but you wouldn't have known he had a wife from anything there was in his conversation or in his public appearances. – Children of the Desert by Louis Dodge
  11. If at home, the sufferer in this condition would probably be seen walking about the house, unable to read, to play or listen to music or to follow any of the accustomed activities of his life. – Stammering, Its Cause and Cure by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue
  12. The activities and the energies of each flow over into the other. – Opening Ceremonies of the New York and Brooklyn Bridge, May 24, 1883 by William C. Kingsley Seth Low Franklin Edson
  13. Both believe that the only practicable solution is a two- year trade course in a separate school, covering a much wider range of shop activities than the present high school course. – Wage Earning and Education by R. R. Lutz
  14. In this tale of his other activities I have not forgotten The Closet Opened. – The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened by Kenelm Digby
  15. He was made for the activities of life. – Mary Gray by Katharine Tynan
  16. With feelings of increasing pride, admiration and gratitude I follow your activities and pray continually for your success. – High Endeavours: Messages to Alaska by Shoghi Effendi
  17. When the battle of the Marne ended in favor of the Allies and the Germans retired to take up a defensive position along the Aisne, the Belgian army renewed its activities against the invader. – America's War for Humanity by Thomas Herbert Russell
  18. I hastened to send Sri Yukteswar pictures of these distant American activities – Autobiography of a YOGI by Paramhansa Yogananda
  19. All her student activities seemed young. – The Real Adventure by Henry Kitchell Webster
  20. Among the many activities of his young life, Mr. Dawson had at one time enjoyed that expression of public confidence which is dear to the mountain man. – The Portal of Dreams by Charles Neville Buck

Rhymes for Activities

  • festivities, proclivities;
  • sensitivities;