Definitions of accord

  1. To agree; to be in correspondence; to harmonise.
  2. To agree; give; grant; as, to accord due praise; to adjust or bring to agreement; to be in harmony; to agree in pitch and tone.
  3. Agreement or concurrence of opinion, will, or action; harmony of mind; consent; assent.
  4. Harmony of sounds; agreement in pitch and tone; concord; as, the accord of tones.
  5. Agreement, harmony, or just correspondence of things; as, the accord of light and shade in painting.
  6. An agreement between parties in controversy, by which satisfaction for an injury is stipulated, and which, when executed, bars a suit.
  7. To bring to an agreement, as persons; to reconcile; to settle, adjust, harmonize, or compose, as things; as, to accord suits or controversies.
  8. To grant as suitable or proper; to concede; to award; as, to accord to one due praise.
  9. Voluntary or spontaneous motion or impulse to act; - preceded by own; as, of one's own accord.
  10. To make to agree or correspond; to suit one thing to another; to adjust; - followed by to.
  11. To grant.
  12. To grant; allow.
  13. To bring to agreement.
  14. To agree in pitch and tone.
  15. To agree; to correspond; to be in harmony; - followed by with, formerly also by to; as, his disposition accords with his looks.
  16. To agree: to be in correspondence.
  17. go together; " The colors don't harmonize"; " Their ideas concorded"
  18. To agree; harmonize.
  19. To grant or concede.
  20. To make to agree or correspond; to grant or give; to be suitable.
  21. Agreement; unison; harmony.
  22. Agreement: harmony: ( with own) spontaneous motion.
  23. Harmony; agreement.
  24. Spontaneous impulse; choice.
  25. Agreement; harmony of minds; concurrence of opinion or will; harmony of sounds; just correspondence of things; will, or spontaneous impulse; adjustment of a difference.
  26. Agreement; consent; harmony.