[ɐbɹˈaksəs], [ɐbɹˈaksəs], [ɐ_b_ɹ_ˈa_k_s_ə_s]

Definitions of Abraxas:

  1.   The name given by the Basilidians to the Supreme Being, under whom they supposed 365 dependent deities; antique gems or stones with the word Abraxas engraven on them, formerly much sought after as amulets; an insect.
  2.   A mystical word used as a charm and engraved on gems among the ancients; also, a gem stone thus engraved.

Usage examples for Abraxas:

  1. We still possess the traces of the Gnostic astrology in a number of amulets and engraved gems, with the word Abraxas or rather Abrasax and other emblems of their superstition, which they kept as charms against diseases and evil spirits. ” – History Of Egypt From 330 B.C. To The Present Time, Volume 11 (of 12) by S. Rappoport
  2. “ Doncaster has seen in Abraxas grossulariata ova with two nuclei both undergoing maturation. ” – Hormones and Heredity by J. T. Cunningham
  3. He had a large collection of amulets, Gnostic gems, and abraxas stones. ” – Aylwin by Theodore Watts-Dunton