Usage examples for abaft

  1. Abaft this promenade is another open one. – Marvels of Modern Science by Paul Severing
  2. I dropped a line jest abaft the pilot- house, where we figured the men must be waitin'. – The Boy With the U. S. Life-Savers by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  3. But the firing was almost continuous, until suddenly a shell struck the Centurion abaft the funnel, and for a moment stilled her guns. – The Great War in England in 1897 by William Le Queux
  4. Nor had she any cause to regret doing so; for, to her huge delight, she found herself moved into a charming deck- cabin on the starboard side of the vessel, some little way abaft the engine- room. – Mr. Meeson's Will by H. Rider Haggard
  5. The skipper followed, with clumsy expertness bringing the dory's painter with him and hitching it to a ring- bolt abaft the rudder- head. – The Black Bag by Louis Joseph Vance
  6. Get down and help 'em mast- head the yard first, then take 'em forrard and coil the tow- line abaft the windlass. – "Where Angels Fear to Tread" and Other Stories of the Sea by Morgan Robertson
  7. The sea struck her abaft, and washed clean over her from stern to stem; and had not Snatchblock aided Adair in hauling away on the yoke- line, she must have broached- to. – The Three Commanders by W.H.G. Kingston
  8. It drove up abaft this berg, and it may have been hidden from the schooner herself by the ice. – The Honour of the Flag by W. Clark Russell
  9. The flames flew up the fore and main hatchways as high as the lower yards, but still the brave crew remained firm to their duty; and by keeping tarpaulins over the hatchways, and pouring down water, they managed for a time to keep the fire from taking serious hold abaft. – Narratives of Shipwrecks of the Royal Navy; between 1793 and 1849 by William O. S. Gilly
  10. Abaft of that was a forecastle, with bunks for two hands, and then came a small but convenient galley, with cupboards and dishes in plenty, from which a door gave entrance into a neatly furnished cabin. – Marcy The Blockade Runner by Harry Castlemon
  11. The captain, understanding this, ordered the crew abaft, and spoke to them thus: My lads, I am told you hang an a- se. – The Adventures of Roderick Random by Tobias Smollett