Definitions of Abaci

  1. of Abacus

Usage examples for Abaci

  1. The architrave rests upon them, and, as in Greece and Egypt, its immediate weight is borne by abaci – A History of Art in Chaldæa & Assyria, v. 1 by Georges Perrot Charles Chipiez
  2. It is framed as are the windows, and has shafts, capitals, abaci and bases just like those already described; but the arch is different. – Portuguese Architecture by Walter Crum Watson
  3. But for a few square abaci which are used, and for the appearance of early tracery in the side windows, it might pass as a purely Lancet building. – Sketches of Travel in Normandy and Maine by Edward A. Freeman Commentator: W. H. Hutton
  4. There is absolutely no decorative element except four shallow masks beneath the abaci of the pilasters. – The Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti by John Addington Symonds
  5. Above the abaci of the capitals three lions, crouching on consoles or brackets, grip in their thin claws a snake, a dragon, and a demon. – Cathedral Cities of Italy by William Wiehe Collins
  6. The interior of Rothwell Church, Northamptonshire, has much of Semi- Norman character: the aisles are divided from the nave by four lofty, plain, and triple- faced pointed arches, with square edges, springing from square piers with attached semicylindrical shafts on each side, and banded round midway between the bases and capitals; and the latter, which are enriched with sculptured foliage, are surmounted by square abaci the west doorway is also of Semi- Norman character, and pointed, and is set within a projecting mass of masonry resembling the shallow Norman buttress. – The Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture, Elucidated by Question and Answer, 4th ed. by Matthew Holbeche Bloxam
  7. It has well- moulded arches and abaci capitals richly carved with realistic foliage, and on each side six of the apostles, all very like each other, large- headed, long- bearded, and long- haired, with rather good drapery but bodies and legs which look far too short. – Portuguese Architecture by Walter Crum Watson
  8. It has three shafts on each side, all with good capitals and abaci from which spring two carved and one plain arch. – Portuguese Architecture by Walter Crum Watson
  9. It has semicircular arches, made of Roman bricks, springing from square massive piers with single abaci – English Villages by P. H. Ditchfield
  10. Even at Amiens, amid all the splendours of its fully- developed geometrical windows, the pillars and arches, in their square abaci and even in the sections of their mouldings, have what an Englishman calls a Romanesque feeling still hanging about them. – Sketches of Travel in Normandy and Maine by Edward A. Freeman Commentator: W. H. Hutton
  11. The finely carved capitals carry square abaci in the side aisles and circular ones in the nave. – Cathedrals of Spain by John A. (John Allyne) Gade
  12. Both abaci and bases have been placed at right angles to the arches they support. – Cathedrals of Spain by John A. (John Allyne) Gade
  13. These two spring from strange square abaci resting on the carved capitals of round shafts, two on each side. – Portuguese Architecture by Walter Crum Watson