Definitions of 1860s

  1. the decade from 1860 to 1869

Usage examples for 1860s

  1. However, the company's book of trade receipts for the 1860s shows the recurring purchase of large quantities of these five drugs, which suggests that the ingredients did remain substantially unchanged for over a century. – History of the Comstock Patent Medicine Business and Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills by Robert B. Shaw
  2. His young readers looked forward eagerly to his next books, and through the 1860s and 1870s there was a flow of books from his pen, sometimes four in a year, all very good reading. – Six Months at the Cape by R.M. Ballantyne
  3. Manufacture, although probably ceasing in the 1860s, is known to have been discontinued before 1881, when a list of obsolete sewing machines was published in The Sewing Machine News. – The Invention of the Sewing Machine by Grace Rogers Cooper
  4. Produced by Nick Hodson of London, England The Three Lieutenants, Life in the Royal Navy in the 1860s, by W. H. G. Kingston. – The Three Lieutenants by W.H.G. Kingston
  5. And sooner or later the conversation would turn to the Thetas, and college girls in general and how they were doing, or drift back to her days- the 1860s and '70s. – Epistles-from-Pap-Letters-from-the-man-known-as-The-Will-Rogers-of-Indiana by Durham, Andrew Everett