Definitions of 100BaseVG

  1. A 100 MBps Ethernet standard specified to runover four pairs of category 3 UTP wires ( known as voicegrade, hence the " VG"). It is also called 100VG-AnyLANbecause it was defined to carry both Ethernet and tokenring frame types.100BaseVG was originally proposed by Hewlett-Packard,ratified by the ISO in 1995 and practically extinct by 1998.100BaseVG started in the IEEE 802.3u committee as FastEthernet. One faction wanted to keep CSMA/CD in order tokeep it pure Ethernet, even though the collision domainproblem limited the distances to one tenth that of 10baseT.Another faction wanted to change to a polling architecturefrom the hub ( they called it " demand priority") in order tomaintain the 10baseT distances, and also to make it adeterministic protocol. The CSMA/CD crowd said, " This is802.3 -- the Ethernet committee. If you guys want to make adifferent protocol, form your own committee". The IEEE 802.12committee was thus formed and standardised 100BaseVG. Therest is history.